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Welcome to the Connecticut River Myths and Legends website!

The Connecticut River Valley has been a location for storytelling and the source of myths and legends since the first people arrived. This website explores the wide range of traditional stories along the River, and invites you to share your own!

What are Myths and Legends?

Myths and legends are traditional stories that are told to entertain, educate, and create a common identity for people. There is no simple distinction between them, but folklorists generally consider myths to be stories that are cosmic in scope (such as those about divine beings), and legends to be stories with a kernel of historical truth (such as those about national figures).

These stories can be:

  • Global: a story about a hero who conquers a monster
  • Local: a tale of a haunted house
  • Personal: a yarn about a relative’s fishing expedition
Some myths and legends persist from ancient times, and others are very young — and still others will be created in the future! Some are humorous and some are deadly serious. As stories concerning societal values and cultural norms, they are helpful for understanding who and what is important to a given group, and who and what is considered unimportant or dangerous.

Myths and Legends are a way for people to understand what it is to be human.

Click on the icons below to begin your exploration. Each section provides an example of the theme. This site is part of an ongoing project by the Connecticut River Museum and is made possible through support from the Connecticut Humanities.
Special thanks to project folklorist Dr. Stephen Olbrys Gencarella.

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